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How to Get More Leads for High Ticket Offers with Smarter Funnel Strategies

Dennis Yu and Jody Milward


Are you using the right funnel strategy for your audience or are you just following along with what someone else has said to do?

This is the very question I want to talk with you about. My name’s Jody, I’m the founder of Social Charlie, and we specialize in Facebook Ads for high ticket coaches and consultants. Now, let’s start with one of the most popular funnel strategies out there, especially for this niche and that is the old webinar funnel.

Now don’t get me wrong, webinars are great. I’ve actually got the profitability calculator to help you get a profitable webinar and know how much you can spend and expected revenue and such.

If you want to snag that, here ya go:

But a webinar funnel may not be the best option for you and your client, and that’s what you need to keep in mind. Going back to a previous video of mine where we spoke about knowing your avatar, it’s important to know, is your avatar going to watch a webinar? As in, really watch it?

Webinars are not for every audience. In fact, only the very, very small proportion of people are going to watch a webinar, but it can still be very lucrative and very profitable. But we’re missing out on a whole big section of the audience if we are only focusing on one strategy to get people to opt in for a webinar and then to buy our program. And why miss out on such a large portion of the market when there is more opportunity?

Out of 100 webinar registrations, if you have five that purchase, that gives you a 5% conversion rate from webinar to purchase which is really a good number. But typically if you’re starting out it might be like 3% or so. To give you a point of reference, 2-3% would be your ultimate first goal. Therefore if it’s a 5%, so every 100 that register, five purchase, then that’s 95% of people who have shown some sort of interest, who have said yes they are having a problem that they would like to overcome, but it just hasn’t been at the right time for them or it hasn’t ended up being the right method. They may have tapped the button on the bus, they may have registered for the webinar, it just wasn’t a convenient time. They really didn’t have an hour to spend in the webinar. As good as your information may be, it just wasn’t exactly the right medium or the right moment. So therefore, incorporating other strategies into our top of funnel lead gen campaigns is very, very smart.

Diversify Your Funnel Strategy

When you do go out and you build a business, it’s a very foolish thing to build it on one marketing strategy. So, when we come to Facebook Ads, if we are just relying on one funnel where it’s a webinar funnel, again, it’s a very foolish strategy. The storm comes over and it blows the tree over. So something happens, your webinar funnel doesn’t convert, and you’re not making any money.

This is where having other funnel strategies incorporated into your overall Facebook marketing campaign is very smart. And I know you want to be smart, eh? It helps to set you up to scale because you’re not just pouring money into this one funnel and this one strategy. You’ve got other ways that you can bring people into your funnel. And that can be as simple as just having Facebook Ad funnels where you are building a video view audience and then you’re retargeting that video view audience, it could be an engagement Ad. It could be an engagement objective which is designed to get people to engage with the post, and you’re building up your engaged page followers that you can then re-target as well.

It could also be building up a following of people who’ve been to your website or engaged with an instant experience ad. You can be bringing people into your funnel with more than one funnel strategy.

So while those ones that I mentioned are all Facebook Ad funnels, there are other funnels that you can be incorporating into your strategy. So, like we were saying, a webinar funnel may not be the right one for everyone’s audience. So, if you are targeting stressed out corporate lawyers who work at 120 hours a week, then a webinar may not be the best option. They are likely not going to give you an hour and that’s where your Facebook retargeting or your Facebook funnels can bring them in, give them snippets of information. So in the same information that you would be giving in a one hour webinar presentation you can drip feed that out to them as they continue to log into Facebook. This is a very powerful strategy.

People in the audience, such as these corporate lawyers we just described may not put much engagement and not showing much social proof, comment on your posts, but they are watching and they’re the ones not to overlook. Many times people will just look at how many comments, how many likes and shares they have. And that’s important as well, Facebook certainly does love to get that social proof, but those ones that are maybe a bit more exclusive could exactly the people you want seeing your content. They’re likely not going to comment. They’re likely not to tag and share a friend, but they’re watching, and they’re reading, and they’re learning, and they’re connecting with you.

So we’ve got our Facebook Ad funnels that we can be bringing people in for our webinars and other funnels which is what we do through our whole Social Charlie system. We have the top of the funnel wide, we have ways that we can be bringing them in and funneling them in to our ads, to our audience, and then we’ll also have our particular lead magnet options and lead magnet funnels. Which are, one, yes, a webinar funnel and another funnel option is, what’s really popular at the moment is a challenge funnel, okay.

Smart Language To Use In Your Funnels

Now, just a word on challenge funnels, that’s great if your audience is driven, they’re up for it, they want results, they’re that A type personality, right? They’re up for a challenge, they’re going to enroll and go through the challenge. I’ve recently been working with someone who their ideal client is on a journey to emotional health. Now she started off with a five day challenge, actually it wasn’t a five day challenge, it was a 12 week challenge. But I said to her, hey look, with your audience where they are a bit now, they’re a bit wounded, they’re a bit hurting, they need some help, they need someone to show them some love and support and pick them up.

So a challenge probably isn’t the correct wording for this funnel. So we just revised it to be a 12 week journey and the results from that are awesome, getting a dollar opt-ins, people are loving it, and they’re just joining. So, it’s a really, really effective strategy. Therefore, keep that in mind as well. Just because everyone else is running a challenge, doesn’t mean that may be the right thing for your audience.

One, yes it could just be a simple thing of changing the word, but two, it’s like, okay no, a challenge isn’t the best fit for my audience. It may be watching a case study, which is another funnel, okay. Where people can come over, they’ll see the ad, they’ll click and this is how Susie was able to X, Y, Z, without X, Y, Z here in a 15 minute case study, click here and register and watch it now, okay. So a case study, a quick case study, so they’re not locked in for a one hour webinar, that could be just the thing that they need to be able to take them onto that next step of their journey, right.

There are people who are more a problem where they know there’s a solution and they’re just looking for the right person with the right solution. By incorporating other funnel strategies into your overall Facebook marketing, you are tapping into a larger section of the audience. So before, where I said you’ll have a hundred people register for the webinar and five people purchase, there’s 95 people there that are potentially your ideal client. They’ve put their hand up in some way, they’ve said yes to you a few times already, you just need to communicate, or present their pain points, or craft the messaging in a bit of a unique or a different way for them, or just be continuing to nurture them with our long-tail funnel, which is our Social Charlie system as well, our Trinity funnel.

Nurture is the Name of the Game

But there’s also, looking at, out of that 100 people that registered for the webinar that probably, just rough numbers here, would have been a 25% conversion rate on the webinar registration page. Which means 400 people actually clicked on the webinar, the Ad to come to the registration page but didn’t opt in just at that moment. They’ve shown interest and there’s an indication that they are your ideal client, but it just wasn’t the right time for them to opt in. So let’s not neglect them and bring them in through one of our ad funnels and continue to nurture them.

Treat Your Audience They Way They Want to Be Treated

So while we love webinar funnels, they’re fantastic, they are a great way to establish your authority, to show your expertise, to showcase client results that you’ve got with case studies and testimonials, and to present an offer to your ideal client, it’s not the be all and end all. We need to talk to our ideal client in the way that they want to be talked to. And sometimes that may even just be a cheat sheet, or a guide, or some quick win where they can just opt in and they think you are awesome by the piece of paper or checklist you shared. This is exactly what they’ve been needing and looking for and it could be as simple as that to get the ball rolling, to bring them into your world.

So I hope that’s been of value for you.

If you’ve got any questions, pop them below and I’ll circle back and answer them for you.

Again, I’m Jody, the founder of Social Charlie, and if you want to connect more and learn more strategies for Facebook Ads for high ticket coaches, head over and join my group, for lots of great information there, great value for you to help you with marketing your high ticket program.

So until next time, it’s bye for now.


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