Say Goodbye To Multiple Costly Subscriptions and Say Hello Charlie

Social Charlie is the perfect solution for Digital Marketers, Service Providers and established Businesses to build their online presence with the all in one platform that gives you the tools you need to grow your business online.

Is Your Backend Looking Like a Web of Digital Duct Tape?

Does this sound familiar?

Too Much Tech, Too Little Time...

The real headache faced by businesses wanting to improve their digital marketing and embrace time saving automations has always been this: having to wrestle with a whole bunch of different tech, tools and platforms just to get through the everyday basics.

Nodding along?

You Know The Drill

To draw in leads and turn them into sales, you need more than just a wing and a prayer. You need:

A Website: Not just any online page, but a digital magnet pulling leads right to your doorstep.

Email/CRM System: Your virtual net for catching leads from all corners and nurturing them with content that sticks.

Communication options: You want to be able to connect with your leads - via Text or social media DM's

Payment Processor: Because when a lead turns into sales, you want the cash flow to be as smooth as your possible.

Sounds like a lot?

It is! In the quest for turning leads into sales "on autopilot" we end up with an expensive tech jungle that is zapped together, increases our costs and takes us away from the REAL goal of our business: to make SALES.

At last...

Your One Stop Shop!

With Social Charlie, you can kiss the multiple logins goodbye with our all-in-one software that takes all of the above into a streamlined, easy to use platform, that does all this - and more!


The Tools To Bring In Leads


Our user-friendly platform empowers easily construct high-performing and captivating landing pages.


Nurture your leads with the right message at the right time with strategic email marketing as well as text and social media messaging.


Seamlessly collect leads using our built-in survey and form features. Integrate them effortlessly into your landing pages.


Streamline the appointment process with our integrated calendar application. Capture appointments seamlessly in a straightforward workflow, eliminating the hassle and increasing show up rates!


Turn Leads Into Clients

Create professional quotes and proposals quickly and easily. Impress your clients with polished documents that showcase your services and offerings.

Connect your Stripe account and set up your retainer subscription so you can say goodbye to chasing invoices at the end of the month. Get paid up front, promptly and securely, enhancing your cash flow and business efficiency.

Streamline the document signing process with our e-signature feature. Create legally binding contracts and agreements, and then effortlessly send them to clients for electronic signatures.

Just Some Of The Features Included With Social Charlie


Ready to Go Funnels and Website

Beautifully designed and conversion optimized Sales Funnels and Websites.


CRM and Contact Management

Manage your contacts and conversations all in one place and create Pipelines to make sure no leads fall through the cracks.


Email Automations

Ready made email automations for you to load in for your own application funnel as well as unlimited workflows you can create.


Social Media Schedule

Take the stress out of last minute posting and have a consistent social media presence.


Messenger Automation

Set up your "Keyword Comment" automation and chat with prospects in Facebook or Instagram DMs.


24/7 Support

Anytime, day or night you are seconds away from getting your questions answered by our support team directly inside the platform.

Select The Plan For Your Business

We know different businesses require different features. We have the perfect solution for your needs.

Replace $$$ software

Your Tech Stack could be costing you thousands. Emails, landing pages, calendars, social media scheduling, chatbots, live chat widgets, texting, memberships and more!

Save your sanity and your profit margins with Social Charlie's all-in-one platform.

Included in all plans

Social Charlie Software

  • Unlimited Domains - Add as many domains as your entrepreneurial brain allows!

  • Unlimited Funnels - have the freedom to test different funnel pages without worrying about hitting a limit

  • Unlimited Websites - when you need to go beyond funnels.

  • Unlimited Contacts - don’t be afraid to build your list!

  • Unlimited Automations/Workflows - use the power of followup in your email campaigns

  • Unlimited Forms - capture emails for a variety of offers.

  • Unlimited Quotes & Proposals - customize for your client and send!

  • Unlimited legally binding contracts - keep all your client documentation in one place!

  • Unlimited Users - add your team to the platform

  • Unlimited Calendars - sync your own and team members

  • Unlimited Courses for your members area and no limit to the number of students!

  • Direct Integration with Facebook and Tik Tok Lead Forms

  • Social Media Scheduling - load them up all in one place!

  • 24/7 support just seconds away directly in the platform

  • Training and Resources to help you get the most from this powerful all-in-one platform.

All of this would easily cost thousands of dollars every month on multiple platforms held together with digital duct tape.

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