equipping WOMEN with in demand skills

to provide results driven

Facebook and Instagram

marketing services.

Are you looking for

an opportunity to...

  • Make extra income working with your own clients
  • Enjoy the freedom to work from home (or anywhere)
  • Provide a highly valued and in demand service that is needed by millions of businesses

You don't need to be an entrepreneur to enjoy a 'laptop' lifestyle. There's an underground movement of women packing in the daily commute to their 9-5 job and learning in demand skills to help businesses build and maintain their presence online in a noisy marketplace.

Whether you're wanting to make an additional $2,000 or $20,000 per month, it's possible as a skilled and ethical Facebook Ad Manager.

Social Charlie Founder & CEO...

Jody Milward

Former Private Investigator & 2 x 7 figure biz owner.

Jody stumbled in the Facebook ads game in 2014 and within 2 years helped a client to generate $1m in their first 9 months of selling an online program.

She has worked as a Facebook Ad Freelancer, an In House Ad Strategist, Agency Owner, Ad Manager, Recruiter and Consultant and has managed multiple 7 figures in ad spend for clients.

Jody has been training and mentoring Facebook Ad Managers for a number of years and most recently in her Inner Circle Membership and Elite Ad Manager Certification to provide businesses with skilled and ethical Ad Managers.

Jody trains and equips women to make 6 figures per year as a Facebook Ad Manager.

As seen in...

ADvisory by Social Charlie

What difference would it make if you could make an extra $4,000 per month in the next 90 days?

ADvisory is the training program that people across the world are using to learn the latest Ad Strategies when running Facebook and Instagram Ads for Coaches, Course Creators and Service Providers.

Facebook Ads for Clients

Let me help you discover how it's possible to make 6 figures per year running ads for clients who appreciate your valuable skills.

My Podcast, "Online Confidential" takes you behind the scenes about secret ad manager business with practical tips and strategies as you run ads for clients.

Digital Marketing for growth focused Veterinary Clinics

We're taking our love of animals and years of experience partnering with online business owners to generate 8 figures in sales to Veterinary Practices that want to scale.

Using proven, cutting edge marketing strategies that dominate your local market to bring in new business and increase return visits of existing clients.

What our clients have to say about us

Working with Jody and her team has been a revelation! From the onboarding ... to the reporting ... to the communication with our team ... to the creativity and precision. It’s been outstanding! And no surprises has led to our biggest launches in the business to date. The best thing about working with the Social Charlie team is the feeling of security. When you’re investing heavily in ads, you want people who care about your business and messaging just as much as you. I love that Jody is helping us reach a bigger audience with our message that changes the lives of women everywhere!"

Lisa Corduff

Jody managed $50,000 in ad spend which equated to around $400,000 in revenue and was able to scale us up fast. She knows her stuff with these funnels. If you’re thinking of working with her, if you’re in the space of selling online programs or high ticket programs, snap her up fast, because good Facebook Marketers typically get booked out pretty fast.

Cat Howell

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