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Hey Coach! 
Are you making these costly mistakes?
Learn the top 3 mistakes High Ticket coaches make with Facebook ads and what to do instead! 
You have an amazing service or product to share with the world...

But you don't want to burn yourself out with learning all the new Marketing Strategies out there...
Do You Ever Feel Like...
  • You are already juggling 17 Hats, and Facebook Advertiser shouldn't be one of them? 
  •  You only want to invest your money into someone who has world class experience in generating 6 - 7 Figure launches for you, and the freelancers out there aren't cutting it?
  •  You want an expert who will solely focus on your campaigns everyday and not split their attention amongst 20 other clients?
  •  You are on wild hunt for this unicorn of a person, because you are tired of hodgepodging your marketing strategies and need SERIOUS help so you can go back to your zone of genius?
Shh... Let me share some insider secrets with you...
Having been a Facebook Ad Strategist that started out DIY-ing my own ads, then becoming a Freelancer and then Agency owner, as well as working with several people who have chosen 1, 2 or all 3 of these options for their own business, I want to shed some light on each of these options for you.
1. DIY - Many dive right into Ads Manager, buy program after program and start the steep learning curve of Facebook Marketing. This leaves them with information overload, and no clear path to designing their own marketing plan. Not to mention, taking you away from working with clients, what a headache! 
2. FIND A FREELANCER - Some will post in groups, post a job on Craigslist or Upwork and start talking to strangers on the internet. Speaking with "experts" but they end up wasting your time and thousands of dollars. Rinse and repeat a couple more times while searching for the best equipped to take on this feat. 
3. HIRE AN AGENCY - You find someone who charges $1500/ month. Wonderful! They start off good, but you soon realize they have way too many clients to really focus on the growth of your business. The retention rates for agencies are incredibly low due this fact. With $1500/month they only have enough in their margins to hire interns or outsource to beginners behind the scenes. 

Or you find an agency that charges a premium, but they also want 10% of your revenue. And just like any other business, agencies have staffing issues. Contractors come and go, lines of communication break and systems aren’t always foolproof and
with managing 20+ accounts, it’s very easy for simple mistakes to be made which can cost you greatly.

So what are you supposed to do? 
I've met with hundreds of Coaches and Consultants that have gone through the same situation. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.
The Secret To Scaling Your Coaching/Consulting Business...
Is An In House Ads Strategist! 
What are the Benefits of Hiring An In-House Ad Strategist?
They are part of your team
They understand the full intricacies of your business, your visions and who your favorite clients are. Which makes them the best candidate to help you scale!  
They have the expertise 
They have real life experience in working with client campaigns. Not just theory or using you as a catalyst for their education. So you can rest assured that your investment is being well spent!
You have their full attention!
You never have to worry about going for days or even weeks without hearing an update on your campaign. 
Your In House Ad Strategist will be solely dedicated to looking after your campaigns to ensure your success. 
You take back control
You will have full knowledge
of your sales funnels and be able to pivot quickly to take action,
optimizing the performance of your marketing funnel as well as be able
to roll out new strategies such as creating a Messenger bot without
costing thousands of dollars.
If you're burnt out from DIY-ing, sketchy & inexperienced freelancers and agencies with too many clients...

Then let Social Charlie help you scale your influence and income with your own In House Ad Strategist! 
Who is Behind Social Charlie?
Hi, I am Jody Milward I'm the Founder of Social Charlie and I have helped my clients generate multiple six figures per month with sales for their online programs.

I’ve since worked as a Facebook Freelancer, an In House Ad Strategist and founded
my own Facebook Advertising Agency, Social Charlie. I’ve managed a global team of
some of the best Facebook Marketers in the world, who have been behind the
scenes working on 7 Figure Funnels and Campaigns for some influential people
and brands in the online marketing space.
I have helped my clients generates millions of dollars 10x their return on ad spend.
I love teaching and coaching others about Facebook Ads and funnels and have been a Facebook Ads Mentor to students in programs run by Cat Howell, Scott Oldford and other high ticket programs.

My mission is to help coaches bypass surface level, out of date Facebook Marketing strategies or to rely on someone else’s business to build their own business.  To help them make a global impact with their life transforming expertise so that they can leave a legacy while creating a lifestyle of choice. 
Facebook has presented us with opportunities like never before to establish yourself as the top tier coach in your niche.
My articles have been featured on: 
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Success Stories

Jody & I worked together on an aggressive lead generation campaign using Facebook Ads that took place over a 7 week period.

We generated over 10,000 leads which resulted in over $350,000 worth of sales.

If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and affordable service to help you with your FB Ad Campaigns then Jody is your woman. Add to that she’s fun and super easy to work with. I look forward to crushing it with another campaign soon Jody! 

Jo Barnes - Internet Marketer

I have an online sales business, and social media plays a huge part in my online marketing strategy. I believe in the importance of having my brand exposed consistently especially Facebook! 

Whilst juggling all my social media accounts I realised that I needed expert assistance in this area and contacted Jody from Goldilocks Academy. 

She gave me cutting edge information regarding Facebook latest techniques and advertising methods and we were able to put together an advertising campaign that produced results! Love Jody's work!"

Dawn Osborne - Founder Dawn Osborne Skincare 

Jody is an incredible FB Marketer who always places her clients first and operates from a space of integrity. If you get the chance to work with her - do it!

Cat Howell, Eight Loop Social

One more sale today and we break the $1Million mark….We couldn’t have done it without you.

($1 million in Sales in 9 months)

S & L

Jody was an extremely valuable team member in regards to Facebook marketing. Jody...went well above and beyond in regards to creativity, ad designs and A/B testing. I highly recommend her services.

Steve Kosch, President The Video Editor, Former ABC, CNN Anchor
Look at Some of Our Results!
8 Weeks 31,456 Leads, $341,053 Sales
7 Days: 4,019 Leads & 487% ROI
7 Days: 197 Sales, 359% ROI
$1.68 Webinar Registrations! 
Learn More about having your own inhouse Ad Strategist
Ready to book a call with our team to discuss your inhouse ad-Strategist
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